MILKSOUND is a set of professional studio equipment handcrafted for the Space-Magnetic Studio. It is a collection of music mixing and mastering tools. Their electronic design is based on legendary recording gear schematics with unique modern features:

MINT MILK is a dynamic mid/side compressor with a stereo tube pre-amp. It will make your mix sound deeper and wider or '3D', softly saturated by tubes... Touch the photo for more info.

MILKSHAKE is a 'sweetener with a punch'. It is a dynamic mix buss or 'glue' compressor with a middle frequency tube equalizer. It will give your beats that bouncy roundness of the 80's sound... Press the image for more info.

STRAWBERRY MILK is a dynamic mixbuss compressor with 2 channel saturator. It will make your synths or guitars sound dense and punchy. Don't be mislead by the pastel colour. It really sounds massive!

MILK is a stereo Pultec style tube equalizer. It will add a smooth bass and sparkling high frequencies to your music... Touch the photo for more info.

BANANA MILK is our biggest project. It is another vintage tube equalizer with Mid/Side processor. You can adjust frequencies in the center and on the sides separately. The Mid/Side processor has more useful options such as tilt eq or stereo image corrector. Kogel Mogel in conjunction with Mint Milk is pretty much everything you need to make your mix sound finished.

MILK CHOCOLATE is a tiny magnetic tape saturator. It is a vintage tape recorder that uses 1/4 inch tape (with full track head!). Just plug in your guitar or mic directly into MILK CHOCOLATE turn 'record' and see what happens! Every tape has its own sound. So the fun never ends. Also you can just run one of your tracks through it. Or the whole mix :)

I-SCREAM MAKER is our ongoing project - experiment. As you can see - it will be enclosed in the vintage ice-cream maker :) As you can probably guess from it's name it is going to be something screamingly good for the vocals, the synth sounds, guitars and bass. We will tell you more about it soon.

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Many thanks to KA electronics, PcbGrinder, Gyraf Audio for pcbs, parts and components. Super thanks to Jacob Erland for inspiration and making all these projects possible!
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